How does this "urlcj" work

First of all, you have to register here

After registration, you have to verify after which your account is created, then you are ready to earn money from here.

The biggest question is how you can make money from here

If you have to take the URL of any one website, then come to the website and shorten it, Remember that you are registered in the website of, only then shorten your link then make that link on your social media or Then YouTube website or manually promote that link, you will get income by doing this,

It depends on the income country, if your traffic or people who are opening your link is from the USA, then your income will be very high. If this link is from India, then your income will be up to $ 2/1000 visitors. Watch the video below to know more.

Published on: 1/25/21, 1:07 PM